T-Ball: Information, Drills, and Videos

UpdatedMonday March 2, 2020 byJulie Boyett.

Little League Tee Ball Program

Little League International has created a program for managers and coaches to use for the development of players at the tee ball level. They have put together a ten week program for the tee ball level players. Use this resource as you would like – in its entirety or only what you need.

Parent’s Guide – An Introduction to Tee Ball


The Complete Little League Tee Ball Program

Little League Tee Ball Curriculum


The following links are the curriculum broken down by week for you. You can jump to the drill you would like to see rather than scrolling through the entire curriculum by clicking on the links below.

Week 1   Tee Ball Drills: Run the Bases

Week 2   Tee Ball Drills: Team Throwing

Week 3   Tee Ball Drills: Left Field, Center Field, Right Field

Week 4   Tee Ball Drills: Fielding

Week 5   Tee Ball Drills: Offense and Defense - Progression 1 & 2

Week 5   Tee Ball Drills: Offense and Defense - Progression 3

Week 6   Tee Ball Drills: Tee Hitting

Week 7   Tee Ball Drills: Hit the Bucket

Week 8   Tee Ball Drills: Beach Volleyball Circle

Week 9   Tee Ball Drills: Base Running and Ground Balls

Week 10   Tee Ball Drills: Defensive Rotations


Linked below are coaching videos created to help you as a tee ball manager. These are informative and have examples for the drills they are presenting. We encourage you to watch each of these brief videos and utilize the information presented in them.

Tee Ball - Arm Mechanics

Tee Ball - Approach to Throwing

Tee Ball - Throwing Grips

Tee Ball - Fielding in Tee Ball

Tee Ball - Fun Fielding Drills

Tee Ball - Teaching Tee-Ball Hitting

Tee Ball - Hitting Off the Tee

Tee Ball - Catching the Ball

Tee Ball - Positive Coaching Tips